CLÉRY DEVERNAY is your law firm made up exclusively of experts in Intellectual Property law, whose origins go back more than 30 years. We are regularly cited in professional guides as a leading firm in Intellectual Property.


Why work with us?

We have a thorough understanding of Intellectual Property Law and new technologies, to which we devote the entirety of our activity.

We provide our clients with a high-quality service based on our skills and experience, but also our savoir-faire. We greatly value human relationships and teamwork.

We are fully involved in each of our projects to ensure that we always provide our clients with the best possible result.

We make our client’s requirements and priorities our own.

We also work with French and international associations specialized in intellectual property, with whom we exchange (with the Courts, the Offices, law professors, practitioners, and companies) on certain practices and the entry into force of new texts or their application. We also teach the subject to student lawyers and train professionals and some of our clients who wish to receive such training on certain legal issues.

Our practice

We assist our clients, in French or English, in their choice of names, trademarks and products, before the national and European Offices, as well as in their contractual relations with their own clients/suppliers/distributors. We also assist them in case of litigation before the Courts.

We are also solicited, in particular, by M&A firms, for Intellectual Property audits. We benefit from a network of foreign correspondents which enables us to manage complex litigation involving several countries and/or foreign law(s).

We also work alongside some of the best specialists in France, with the agreement of our clients, to deal with additional issues outside our speciality that may have an impact on our cases. We can therefore offer you a complete package for all your intellectual property issues.


Our clients

Our clients are loyal, and we have built a trust-based relationship with them (some clients have been working with us for 25 years). Our clients find in us a competent, creative, pugnacious, available, and discreet partner.

Our main clients are in the food industry, restaurants, design, fashion, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, press and sports. Some reference decisions are available on this site in our References section.

Do not hesitate to call us or fill in our contact form if you have any enquiries or require further information.

A few of our testimonials

Thank you very much for the information and for your prompt response. Now the situation is more clear for us. We really appreciate your efforts in this case

Merci et Félicitations pour cette excellente nouvelle ! Nous sommes très heureux de cette reconnaissance de marque de renommée pour K… et de l’argumentation développée par le Tribunal. La stratégie poursuivie et les éléments produits ont été couronnés de succès. Merci à tous pour ce travail d’équipe ».

Sincere thanks for your time and work over the last two days. It was a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. I believe the three of us work well together

Thank you for your advice on this, and for your helpful suggestion for amending the NDA.

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