APRAM “Copyright” Commission of Monday, March 18, 2024

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The “Copyright” commission met on Monday March 18, 2024, under the direction of Coralie Devernay and Julie Gemptel, to discuss the following topic: “Secession in the assignment of rights of salaried authors”. In recent times, judges’ positions on the assignment of rights by salaried authors have sometimes diverged from the principle of prohibiting the global assignment of future works. Is this something to be welcomed or distrusted? What does this mean in practice? How can the transfer of rights by salaried authors be made more secure?

Our warmest thanks go to our speaker, Professor Nicolas Binctin, Professor of Private Law, Director of the Master 2 Intellectual Property Law and Co-Director of the Master 2 Research and Innovation Development Law at the University of Poitiers, and to the 70 Apram members who attended!


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